Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Sounddaddy website work?

Sounddaddy is a premier production music delivery system. We produce original music as well as offer stock music services to the film, television, radio, video game and multimedia industry. Clients include Cable and Network broadcasters, such as MTV, VH1, World Series of Poker, America's Wildest Weddings, Kimora, Family Jewels and many more.

You register for an account, then license tracks via Paypal. Each licensed track can then be downloaded in very high resolution (320 kbit/s) mp3 format.

How much does it cost to license a track? How do I register to pay the Performance Rights?

It's $5 to license each track. We accept major credits card via Paypal. Performance Rights are arranged via Sounddaddy.

How do I browse and select tracks?

You can place any tracks of interest in your shopping cart, just to hold them. Once you narrow down your selection to the ones you definitely want to License you simply remove the tracks you don't want. Click 'Add' or 'Remove' in the Cart Column in the list of tracks to place a title in your cart. You check the Cart contents by clicking 'My Shopping Cart'. Click 'Cart Checkout' when you are ready to checkout. Note that the items in your Cart are stored on your computer via a cookie; If you delete the cookies on your browser the items in the cart will be removed.

I'm lost, how do I get back to the Home Page?

Click on the Sounddaddy logo on the top left of any page.

How do I get in touch with Sounddaddy?

Our phone number is 609 386 8516 - We are located in Burlington, NJ.

Our email address is info@sounddaddy.com

I've licensed some tracks, how do I download them?

Log in to your account, then click on 'My Sounddaddy' to see a list of your licensed tracks. Click on the 'Licensed' in the Cart Column to download the Hi-Res mp3 file for each track you've licensed.

How do I change my password or update the info in my profile?

Click on 'My Profile' to get to the page to change your password or edit your info.

There is a Licensed track in my Shopping Cart, how do I remove it? I don't want to pay to License it again!

You Added that track to your Cart before you signed in, not realizing that you already Licensed it. Simply log out, remove that track from the Cart, then log back in again. It's better to log in before searching for useful tracks, that way you'll notice tracks which you've already licensed.